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Real Estate Transactions

We understand that whether you are purchasing a new home or selling your current home, or perhaps buying additional property -  a real estate transaction will be the most expensive transaction in most people's lives.

Understandably there can be much stress and worry over the details and legalities in a real estate transaction, but our firm can take care of everything, make things smooth and trouble free and have you covered!

We provide full service with respect to:

  • Purchase of Real Estate

  • Selling of Real Estate

  • Transfer of Title

  • Registration of charges & liens

  • Real Estate consultations on issues of title, charges and a variety of different matters

Please contact us for more information and a quote for your transaction.

Buying a House

Mortgage Renewals & Refinancing

If you are in need of a mortgage renewal or need refinancing arranged, we can assist you on the details, review and draft the necessary documents for the transaction.

We can also provide consultations on mortgage financing and refer you to several contacts regarding mortgage lending that may be of assistance to you.

Private Lending

Our firm also provides services for private lenders wishing to arrange private mortgages for individuals. We can draft and prepare the required documents and advise on the transaction.

Contract Review
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