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Personal Injury 

Injuries can very often be life-changing incidents. A split second can often change your life in an instant and all too often will likely be the cause of someone's negligence or lack of care that resulted in the injuries to the plaintiff.

Our firm can can fight to claim and capture valuable compensation for you and your loved ones, and for your losses and suffering incurred as a result of the negligence from another party. 

We accept full contingency retainers in matters of personal injury claims - you won't pay legal fees unless the claim is successful and damages are recovered.

Many of the personal injury claims we handle are related to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Occupier's liability accidents

  • Workplace injuries 

  • Slip & Falls

  • Recreational accidents

  • Sports injuries

  • Wrongful death

  • Brain injuries

  • Dog bites and more...

If you’ve been injured or have suffered damages as a result of negligence – give us a call, and we will fight to make sure your rights and interests are protected while working with you to get the best possible outcome in your case.

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