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Civil Litigation

Civil disputes are never enjoyable and can be the most stressful experience most people and businesses can go through. Our firm is here to protect your interests and fight for your rights, whether you wish to launch a lawsuit for damages, or need to defend against one - We have you covered!

Whether it's a product liability or consumer protection claim, or a breach of contract, or a negligence claim we can consult with you the best strategy and litigation path to save you time and money, while fully protecting your legal rights.

We can assist with cases dealing with the following:

  • Product liability

  • Consumer protection

  • Professional malpractice

  • Wrongful dismissal & constructive dismissal

  • Real estate litigation

  • Negligent and intentional tort claims

  • Small claims court & more....

Commercial Litigation

Businesses caught in legal battles often face high risks in seeking their damages or conversely defending against allegations that in both cases can seriously effect their business and cost them loss of earnings.

We are here to protect businesses in seeking out damages, and/or defending against unwarranted claims against them.

We can assist in cases dealing with: 

  • Corporate accountability & claims against directors and officers

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Intellectual property disputes such as: copyright, patent & trademark claims

  • Breach of contract

  • Securities litigation

  • Mediation, arbitration, ADR and more...

If you'e business or corporation is need of a consultation, give us a call and will be glad to help and assist you in tackling the problem as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.


Our law firm is here to represent you at all levels of court.

Where a matter has not been ruled in a client’s favour, we may bring the matter for appeal and challenge the ruling of a lower court. Often times appeals are not granted as of right, and with higher courts a ‘Leave to Appeal’ may be required before granting the ability to file for an appeal. 

Feel free to ask us about your options and any questions you may have on the litigation process and appeal procedure.

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